All about us, and why we chose music as our B&B theme.

We are Teresa and Daniel, two Argentinian entrepreneurs looking for experiences and cultures to help us grow personally and in business. Fifteen years ago, we found and built a lovely gateway called Rincones Del Sur, in Trevelin City, Argentina. As entrepreneurs and foreign investors, we believe it was an excellent opportunity to invest in the hospitality business in the United States.
We speak Spanish, English, and French and look forward to meeting and speaking with you in person!

Tango Music Suite

When we had to choose a name for our Bed & Breakfast, Music came to our thoughts for several reasons.  As “porteños” born in the City of Buenos Aires, we love Tango music, one of the most influential and famous dances of Argentina modern history. Daniel’s parents (Coco and Ada) frequently danced the Tango, and we loved to see them dance. This room is dedicated to them.

Classical Music Suite

Teresa’s mother, Maria Ruby van Nahuys was a classical music piano soloist, a disciple of Vincenzo Scaramuzza. Therefore, as it was expected, one of the rooms had to be dedicated to Classical music, and it is dedicated to her. Her grandson, our son, Cristopher Nahuys, loves to play the cello. 


Celtic Music Suite

As much as we love music, we love traveling. After touring Argentina, we found a beautiful small town in Patagonia, called Trevelin. We decided to establish in this remote place and build a complex of 7 cabins plus a large Club House called Rincones del Sur. It turned out that Trevelin, this small rural town of no more than 10,000 inhabitants, was a Welsh Colony. Living there, we got in touch with welsh traditions and Celtic Music, and we became lovers of Celtic music. See History of Trevelin for more info about Trevelin.

Country Music Suite

Finally, when we had the opportunity to visit the United States, we took our Pacifica and traveled to different cities listening to country music all the time. From Kissimmee to New York, we went from Oviedo via North Carolina toward Cincinnati for the Knowledge Sharing Summit & Marketplace in Cincinnati, Ohio. We visited Kentucky and returned via Nashville, where we visited different Country music pubs. At the beginning of 2018, we traveled to Las Vegas, where we visited the Grand Canyon, and in June 2018, we visited Chicago for our anniversary. Finally, at the beginning of 2020, from Crystal River to New Mexico for the Knowledge Sharing Summit & Marketplace in Albuquerque, New Mexico, returning for the emblematic Route 66. The more we travel, the more we love this country. The more we listen, the more we love Country music, thus our Country Music Suite.

We created these unique bedrooms with love and effort; part of our work was to design and paint the furniture for these thematic rooms. We created several details related to each room. We hope you like it! These are some samples of the before and after painting.

Debi’s Design Diary inspired us; she is a great inspiration for chalk painting lovers.