We welcome you to learn about where we are from. Prior to moving here, we lived in the Welsh Colony of Trevelin, Argentina where we also ran a lodging property, which we still own today.

Brief History of Trevelin City: In 1865, the ship Mimosa sailed from Liverpool. Boarding it was one hundred and fifty Welsh, escaping British rule over their small country. After two months at sea, it landed in Puerto Madryn, Argentina on the 28th of July 1865. Then they moved to the Chubut River banks, where they began to build their first houses, settling Rawson and Gaiman’s towns.

They established a peaceful relationship with the natives, mainly the Tehuelches, who helped the settlers become familiar with the new land and their culture. They also encouraged the Welsh settlers to look for more fertile and safe lands at the mountains’ foot. As a result, in 1885, Colonel Luis Jorge Fontana led the expedition of the “29 Rifleros” guided by John Daniel Evans, crossing from east to west, searching for the fertile land that they had heard from the Tehuelches. After a long journey, they arrive at Hyfryd Cwm or Beautiful Valley, named so after being impressed by the region’s natural beauty and wealth. It was recognized as “Valley 16th of October” in 1888; nowadays, it is called Trevelin (Welsh, TRE: City and VELIN: Mill).

One of the Welsh tradition’s historical and cultural manifestations is the Eisteddfod, a festival of poetry and music, in the Welsh language. The first festival was held in the Eisteddfod Mill in 1922.

We lived in this beautiful town for several years and founded a complex of 7 cabins plus a large Club House called Rincones del Sur, which we own and our innkeeper manages. If you want to visit this Welsh Colony in Patagonia, this is the perfect place to stop by. There, our amazing innkeeper, Andrea, will attend you as if it were us. Rincones del Sur earned the distinction of “Commitment to Quality Tourism in Argentina.” Be sure to visit the tulip fields in October; this is a must-see in Trevelin.